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If a book contains many different practices, like the work of Sade, we will indicate only the main keywords.

  • Equus eroticus (leash, harness, saddle, ride – or being ride – like a beast, ponygirls and boys)
  • Fellatio (blowjob, oral sex with a man)
  • Feminization (pinaforing, petticoating, petticoat dominant, forced transvestism, man forced to be dressed up like a woman)
  • Infantilism (adult treated like a baby, a schoolboy, put in diapers)
  • Ondinism (urolagnia, urophilia, golden showers)
  • Orgy (swingers, sexuality with more then one person)
  • Prostitution (prostitute of both sexes, pimp, brothels, courtesans)
  • Rape (harpaxophilia)
  • Sodomy (anal coitus with male or female)
  • Witchcraft (witches, Inquisition, black mass, satanism)

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