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Extremely rare first editions of these classic novels of SM literature.

Extremely rare, and almost impossible to find, first edition, limited to 500 copies, of the very first sadomasochistic work published anonymously by Pierre Mac Orlan in 1905 for Librairie d'amateurs. This text was reprinted with a short story La Petite marquise de Sade under the writer's real name, Pierre Dumarchey, by the publisher Jean Fort in 1910.

Beautiful works illustrated on the various practices of flagellation.

Rare and curious work on flagellation among Jesuits. Anticlerical pamphlet of the 18th century reedited at the beginning of the 20th century.

Extremely rare editions published by A. Brancart in 1892 and ca. 1889. Those are French translations of With Rod and Bum, or sport in the West end of London (ca. 1890), by Ophelia Cox and Country Retirement; or How to pass Time pleasantly in a Manor House (ca. 1885).

Superb work, richly illustrated by P. Fusty which has become extremely rare.

Very rare German book richly illustrated, entirely devoted to the figure of the cruel woman.

A very rare early edition of this erotic book by Pierre Mac Orlan. The following editions do not reproduce all the illustrations and the many drawings from Louis Malteste of this edition.

A great edition wonderfully illustrated by Martin Van Maele.

The countess of Choiseul-Meuse is one of a few women to write erotic novels in the 19th century.

Extremely rare edition published by A. Brancart ca. 1887. This is a French translation of Experimental Lecture (1878-79), by Colonel Spanker. The bibliophile Henry Spencer Ashbee gave the following description of this text: "This book, which we can fairly assert is the most coldly cruel and unblushingly indecent of any we have ever read, stands entirely alone in the English language."

This scarce book testifies of the anguish in the 19th century towards the women who can ruin men and their families.

While SM books are very popular in France at the beginning of the 20th century, they rarely talk about the flagellation of young boys (whereas one finds several of them about young girls).

E. D. is probably one of the most prolific writer of erotica of the 19th century, if all the works published under those initials really came from the same author, nonetheless the first editions and those published in the 19th century by A. Brancart and Bergé have became extremely rare and sought-after.

Extremely rare first edition of this classic of SM literature of female domination. Superb illustrations by Jim Black, pseudonym of Luc Lafnet.

Our text is certainly not the first edition but most probably one of the numerous clandestine editions from the end of the 19th century. In any case, this text remains rare and hard to find in any edition.

Very rare edition from the 1930s of this sadomasochistic work, with six illustrations.

Superb works published by the publisher Jean Fort, the second and third volumes appeared in the famous Collection des Orties Blanches, with illustrations by the author.

Beautiful editions of this rare text that is one of the first (in 1908) to deal with fetishism and forced transvestism or feminization. Superb photogravures by Del Giglio for the first edition and engravings by G. Smit for the second.

Beautiful edition of this text published by Jean Fort under the name Aux Galants Passe-temps. This work is remarquable by its large format, the quality of its paper and mostly the esthetic of its illustrations by P. Beloti.

Rare text of SM literature illustrated by René Giffey. Strangely enough, no copies are available at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France nor at the British Library of London. The only copy we could find is at the Kinsey Institute Library of Indiana, but unfortunately lacking the plates. We were fortunate to find this copy complete, including a loose page with a color illustration.

The sadomasochistic publications by Gargoyle Press are very rare and sought-after. Nice illustrations by Francis Heuber and E. Remsen.

Very rare editions of this prolific author of erotica in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Scarce and little known book on female sadism. Beautiful illustrations.

Extremely rare book in a very limited edition (350 copies) with splendid reproductions by Achille Devéria.

Beautiful edition of this little known book illustrated by Radiguet.

Wonderfully illustrated with 10 color engravings.

French translation of The New Epicurean attributed to Edward Sellon. Limited edition of only 400 copies with many explicit illustrations by Berthommé-Saint-André.

The books of this author are extremely rare. This edition has an illustration (vignette) on the back cover.

The first editions of the erotic works by Pierre Mac Orlan are rare and this book is particularly curious due to the subject which it tackles (enema). Illustrated by Martin Van Maele.

Extremely rare first edition of this classic novel of SM literature published by Select Bibliothèque at the beginning of the 20th century.

Extremely rare first editions of these classic of SM literature. Beautiful illustrations by Del Giglio and Lewis Bald.

Extremely rare first edition of this work illustred by Carlo.

Scarce book, published in the Collection de l'Églantine, illustrated by Sadie-Mazo.

The great quality of the illustrations by Frédillo, Gaston Noury and others adds to the value of this publication of SM literature which were very popular at the beginning of the 20th century.

Beautiful edition of this classic of SM literature illustrated by G. Topfer.

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