Sex Life in England

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Auteur / Author : Bloch, Iwan, Dr., originally published under the pseudonym of Eugen Dühren i.e. Duehren, Eugène, Translated and edited by Deniston, Richard

Titre / Title : Ethnological and Cultural Studies of the Sex Life in England As Revealed in Its Erotic and Obscene Literature and Art with Nine Private Cabinets of Illustrations by the Greatest English Masters of Erotic Art, translated from the German

Orginal title: Das Geschlechtsleben in England [The Sex Life in England]

Éditeur / Publisher : Falstaff Press

Lieu d’édition / Place of Publication : New York

Année d’édition originale / First Year of Publication : 1901-03, 1934 for the English translation

Année d’édition / Year of Publication : 1934

Période / Period : XXe siècle / 20th Century, (1900-1909), (1930-1939)

Nombre de pages / Number of Pages : 434

Illustrateur / Illustrator : Artistes variés. / Various artists.

Illustration : 1 frontispice. Nombreuses illustrations monochromes en fin de volume. / 1 frontispiece, many monochromic illustrations in fine.

Langue / Language : Langue anglaise / English Language

Caractéristiques / Specifications : Édition limitée, par souscription, no 32 / 3000. / Limited edition, no 32 / 3000 copies. Privately Issued by Subscription to Cultured Adults Only. Subscription rigidly restricted to mature students of jurisprudence, medicine, art, literature and their related branches. Hand-finished paper.

Notes: Unfortunatly, the English translation of this work is inaccurate. Originally published in 3 volumes: I:Die beiden Erscheinungsformen des Sexuallebens. Die Ehe und die Prostitution, II & III: Der Einfluss äusserer Faktoren auf das Geschlechtsleben in England. [I: The two manifestations of sexual life. The marriage and prostitution, II & III: The influence of external factors on the sex lives in England.]

Résumé / Summary :

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