When a Child Loves and When She Hates

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Auteur / Author : A Gentleman

Titre / Title : When a Child Loves and When She Hates. A Tale of Birch and Bed

Éditeur / Publisher : Privately Printed for the author and his friends [Elias Gaucher ]

Lieu d’édition / Place of Publication : Paris

Collection / Series : (Social Studies of the Century)

Année d’édition originale / First Year of Publication : 1907 (v. 1906)

Année d’édition / Year of Publication : v. 1908

Période / Period : XXe siècle / 20th Century, (1900-1909)

Nombre de pages / Number of Pages : 160

Illustrateur / Illustrator : Ornements anonymes. / Anonymous ornaments.

Illustration : Fleuron, bandeaux et culs-de-lampe. / Fleuron, head and tail pieces.

Langue / Language : Langue anglaise / English Language

Caractéristiques / Specifications : Édition limitée à 200 copies ? Reliure de cuir avec dorures. Tranche supérieure dorée. / Limited edition of 200 copies? Leather cover, gilded. Gilded upper fore-edge.

Notes : Originally published by Charles Carrington, ca. 1906, according to Mendes (the BNF catalogue indicates 1907), with the same mention: "Two Hundred copies Privately Printed for the author and his friends" and "Social Studies of the Century". It is not certain that Gaucher's edition was also published is such a small number of copies.

For our copy, Mendes presumes it was published in Paris by Gaucher ca. 1908. Reade (wrongly) indicates "London 1910".

Reissued as Child love, by Lord Hardan ; illustrated by Le Ray. Dijon, France, [s.n.], 1935 [New York, Miller Bros.]

Also reissued as Mona a Tale of Birch and Bed by Grove Press in 1971.

Translated in German as: Gresley, F., Mona Butler, Haufmann Berlin, ca. 1950.

According to vintage catalogs of erotica (cf. Mendes), When a Child Loves is written by the same author as Flossie.

Référence / Reference : Mendes 177 A-B. Reade 1940.

Résumé / Summary :

Mots clés : Pédérastie, Sadomasochisme, Viol
 Keywords : Pederasty, Rape, Sadomasochism

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