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Privately Printed works in English are listed below. For French works, see À compte d'auteur (printed by the author).

Dans notre catalogue / In our catalogue

Anonyme, History of Flagellation, Privately Printed, [1888], 1930.

Anonyme, Miss High-heels, Privately Printed, 1931.

Anonyme, Curious Cases of Flagellation in France, Privately Printed [ Charles Carrington ], [1898], 1901.

A Flagellant, Curiosa of Flagellants, Privately Printed, [1885], 1930.

A Gentleman, When a Child Loves and When She Hates, Privately Printed, (Social Studies of the Century) [Elias Gaucher ], [1907], [v. 1908].

Juliet, The Song of the Whip, Privately Printed, 1933.

Meusal, Walter J., Painful Pleasures, Privately Printed [ Gargoyle Press ], 1931.

Reade, Rolf S., Rose, Alfred, Registrum Librorum Eroticorum, Privately Printed, 1936.

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