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De BiblioCuriosa.

Liste des ouvrages en langue anglaise (en tout ou en partie) mentionnés sur Biblio Curiosa, en ordre alphabétique. Les titres des ouvrages traduits en anglais sont suivis d'un astérisque (*).

Works in English language (in whole or in part) listed on Biblio Curiosa, in alphabetical order. The works translated into English are followed by an asterisk (*).

Dans notre catalogue / In our catalogue

Adult Manga, Kinsella, Sharon

The Adventures of Lady Harpur, Anonyme

The Adventures of Nemesis Hunt, Bacchus, George Reginald

American Psycho, Ellis, Bret Easton

Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, Gould, George M., Pyle, Walter L.

Astrid Cane, Anonyme

Aubrey Beardsley *, Néret, Gilles

The Autobiography of a Flea, Anonyme, Pike, Frederick Popham

The Bald-Headed Hermit & The Artichoke, Peterkin, Allan D.

Between the Bridge and the River, Ferguson, Craig

Clandestine Erotic Fiction in English, Mendes, Peter

Coming to Power, SAMOIS

The Complete Book of Erotic Art, Kronhausen, Phyllis, Kronhausen, Eberhard

The Complete History of Eroticism, Brusendorff, Ove, Henningsen, Poul

The Complete Reprint of John Willie's Bizarre, Willie, John, Kroll, Eric

Confessions and Experiences *, Cadivec, Edith

Confessions of Nemesis Hunt, Bacchus, George Reginald

The Correct Sadist, Sellers, Terence, Stern, Angel

The Cruel and the Meek, Braun, Walter, Ellis, Albert, Meyer, N.

Curiosa of Flagellants, A Flagellant

Curious Cases of Flagellation in France, Anonyme

Dark Eros, Moore, Thomas

The Daughters of de Sade, Bridges, Falconer

Davina, Anonyme

A Defence of Masochism, Phillips, Anita

The Deportment and Discipline of a Young Man, Kidrodstock, Lord

The Deviant Female, Cauldwell, David O.

Digital Beauties, Wedemann, Julius

Dreamland Japan, Schodt, Frederik L.

Early Erotic Photography *, Nazarieff, Serge

The Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature, Scheiner, C. J.

The Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature (2), Fraxi, Pisanus, Ashbee, Henry Spencer

The English Governess, Underwood, Miles, Glassco, John

The English Vice, Gibson, Ian

Eros, Ginzburg, Ralph

Erotic Book Plates, Kronhausen, Phyllis, Kronhausen, Eberhard

The Erotic Minorities, Ullerstam, Lars

Erotica 17th-18th Century *, Néret, Gilles

Erotica 19th Century *, Néret, Gilles

Erotica 20th Century *, Néret, Gilles

Erotica universalis *, Néret, Gilles

Exhibition of Female Flagellants, Anonyme, Buckle, Henry Thomas

Exotique, Collectif, Christy, Kim

Experiences of Flagellation, Amateur Flagellant

An Experimental Lecture on Flagellation, Spanker, Colonel, Lazenby, William

Fashionable Lectures, Anonyme, Buckle, Henry Thomas

Female Sex Perversion, Chideckel, Maurice, Wolman, S.

Fetish. Fashion, Steele, Valerie

The Fifteen Joys of Marriage *, Anonyme

Flagellation, Bishop, George

Flossie, Anonyme

For the Man Who Knows His Place, Stanton, Eric, Kroll, Eric

Forbidden Erotica, Rotenberg, Mark, Mirsky, Laura

Forbidden Reading, Ashton, Lisette

"Frank" and I, Anonyme

The Girdle of Chastity, Dingwall, Eric John

The Great American Pin-Up, Martignette, Charles G., Meisel, Louis K.

Gynecocracy, Ladywood, Viscount, Rhodes, Stanislas Matthew de, Ellis, Havelock

Hell, Craze, Richard

The History of Corporal Punishment, Scott, George Ryley

A History of Erotic Literature, Kearney, Patrick J.

A History of Eroticism, Brusendorff, Ove, Henningsen, Poul

History of Flagellation, Anonyme

The History of Flagellation, McCabe, Joseph, Haldeman-Julius, Emanuel

A History of Orgies, Partridge, Burgo

A History of Pornography, Hyde, H. Montgomery

A History of the Rod, Cooper, William M., Bertram, James Glass

Homo Art *, Néret, Gilles

How to Be a Great Lover, Paget, Lou

I Am a Nympho, Alden, Troy

I Was a Teenage Dominatrix, Kenney, Shawna

Icons of Erotic Art, Hurd, Pippa

The Illustrated book of Dominatrices, Moineau, Roger

In Praise of the Whip *, Largier, Niklaus, Harman, Graham

Interview with the Vampire, Rice, Anne

Invitation to the Dance, Meusal, Walter J.

Jeux de Dames Cruelles *, Nazarieff, Serge

Justine, Thompson, Alice

Lady Bumtickler's Revels, Anonyme, Buckle, Henry Thomas

Lady Chatterley's Lover, Lawrence, D.H.

Lashed into Lust, Anonyme, Lovebirch, Robert

Laura Middleton, Anonyme

Leatherwomen, Antoniou, Laura

Love Life, Francis, Bernard, Wokiol, George

The Lustful Turk, Anonyme

Madame Birchini's Dance, Anonyme, Buckle, Henry Thomas

A Man with a Maid, Anonyme, Farmer, John S.

Manga, Gravett, Paul

Mastered by the Whip, Martinet, Jean, Granamour, A. de

Maude Cameron and her Guardian, Anonyme, Sackville, Charles

Maudie, Anonyme, Bacchus, George Reginald, Sala, George Augustus

Memoirs of a Russian Princess, Pasha, Katoumbah

The Merry Order of St. Bridget, Anson, Margaret, Bertram, James Glass

Mighty Lewd Books, Peakman, Julie

Miss High-heels, Anonyme

Moll Flanders, Defoe, Daniel, Blewett, David

My Mother Taught Me, Kung, Tor

My Secret Life, Anonyme, Ashbee, Henry Spencer

Nell in Bridewell *, Reinhard, Wilhelm

The New Epicurean, Sellon, Edward

New Ladies' Tickler, Anonyme, Sellon, Edward, Reedie, James Campbell

Nunnery Tales, Anonyme

Obelisk, Pearson, Neil

The Other Face of Love *, Becker, Raymond de

Our Fair Flagellants *, Hornell, Jeremy

Painful Pleasures *, Meusal, Walter J.

The Pearl, Collectif

Personal Recollections of the Use of the Rod, Anson, Margaret, Bertram, James Glass

Petit catalogue des fétichismes*, Anonyme

The Petticoat Dominant, du Bouleau, Rhodes, Stanislas Matthew de

Plaisirs d'Amour, Nash, Elizabeth

Pleasure Bound, Anonyme, Bacchus, George Reginald, Sala, George Augustus

Pleasure Bound Afloat, Anonyme, Bacchus, George Reginald, Sala, George Augustus

Pleasure Bound Ashore, Anonyme, Bacchus, George Reginald, Sala, George Augustus

The Pleasures of Cruelty, Anonyme

Porno-Graphics, Greenburg, Dan

Portnoy’s Complaint, Roth, Philip

The Power of Mesmerism, Anonyme

The Private Case, Kearney, Patrick J., Legman, G.

Queenie, Anonyme

Randiana, Anonyme, Murphy, John S., Holt, Hilary E.

Registrum Librorum Eroticorum, Reade, Rolf S.

The Romance of Chastisement, Anonyme, Stock, George H., Goss, Micheal R.

The Romance of Lust, Anonyme, Potter, William Simpson, Sellon, Edward

S and M. Studies in Sadomasochism, Weinberg, Thomas, Kamel, G.W. Levi, Bullough, Vern L.

S-M the Last Taboo, Greene, Caroline, Greene, Gerald

Sadism in the Movies *, Coulteray, George de

Sadopaideia, Anonyme, Swinburne, Algernon Charles, Kirkwood, John Poole

The Satyrical Drawings of Martin Van Maele, Van Maele, Martin, Sokolow, Mel L.

The Scented Garden, Stern, Bernhard

School Life in Paris, Anonyme

SCUM Manifesto, Solanas, Valerie

Secret Sexualities, McCormick, Ian

Sex and Sex Worship, Wall, Otto Augustus

Sex Life in England *, Bloch, Iwan, Duehren, Eugène, Deniston, Richard

The Sexual Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Watson, J., Townsend, Larry

The Shuttered House of Paris, Anonyme

Sin-A-Rama, Daley, Brittany A.

Slaves of the Hypnotist, Anonyme

The Song of the Whip, Juliet

Sophie Arnould, Douglas, Robert B.

The Spirit of Flagellation, Anonyme, Wilson, Mary

The Story of Seven Maidens, Anonyme

The Strange Death of Private White, Hopkins, Harry

Strangest Sex Acts *, Bloch, Iwan, Eulenburg, Albert

The Strap Returns, Anonyme

Sublime of Flagellation, Anonyme, Buckle, Henry Thomas

Suburban Souls, Anonyme, S., Jacky

Tales of Fun and Flagellation, Spanker, Lady Gay

The Taming of the Shrew, Shakespeare, William

Teleny, Wilde, Oscar

There's A Whip In My Valise, X, Greta, Pearson, Angela

Thy Rod and Staff, Anthony, Edward

To Beg I Am Ashamed, Cousins, Sheila, Greene, Graham, Mathews, Ronald

The Training of an English Gentleman, Celbridge, Yolanda

An Uncensored History of Pornography, Gillette, Paul J.

Untrodden Fields of Anthropology, Jacobus, Jacolliot, Louis

Vampires, Burgess, Randy

The Velvet Underground, Leigh, Micheal, Berg, Louis

Venus in India, Devereaux, Charles

Venus School Mistress, Anonyme, Wilson, Mary

Violence and the Female Imagination, Gilbert, Paula Ruth

Vox, Baker, Nicholson

The Voluptuous Night, Wilson, Mary, [ Denon, Dominique Vivant ]

The Way of a Man with a Maid, Anonyme, Farmer, John S.

When a Child Loves and When She Hates, A Gentleman

The Whip Angels, Anonyme, Warfield, Selena, Bataille, Diane

The Whipping Club, Pearson, Angela, X, Greta

The Whippingham Papers, Anonyme, Swinburne, Algernon Charles, Stock, George H.

The Whore's Catechism, Wilson, Mary

Woman as Sex Object, Hess, Thomas B., Nochlin, Linda

The Yellow Room, Anonyme, Rhodes, Stanislas Matthew de

Yvonne, Suckit, Mary