Excerpt from The Spirit of Flagellation

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Extrait de / Excerpt from : The Spirit of Flagellation.

Miss Girling and I made good use of the permission, for almost every day during the season, and particularly on Sundays, we were sure to wear nosegays as big as brooms. “What do you think,” said Miss G—, “of a little birchen diversion?” “With all my heart,” said I. “I brought last night, after the girls were gone to bed, an excellent birch broom for our use.” We then went to our chamber, but just as she was arranging one of the dildoes, we heard the screeches of some girls. I immediately put my head out of the window and saw two girls boxing. I proposed to Miss G. that we should bring the youngs pugilists to our room, where we might amuse ourselves with their pretty bottoms, for this offence was always punished with the utmost severity.

She was delighted with the proposal, and immediately untied the dildoe she had on, and took a short one; she made me do the same to try the experiment. I then went for the girls, while Miss G. made two large rods, and to be more at liberty she undressed herself, having only a kind of loose gown over her shift.

When we got them in, we raised their petticoats as high as the small of their backs, and began to exercise the rods like furies—it was a kind of luxurious rage, the way we held them made them kick, wriggle, and plunge as we wished. I found such benefit from the dildoe that I generally used it afterwards when I had a pretty girl to whip, in short, between the fragrance of the nosegay, and the exercise of the rod, I almost fainted with pleasure. As for Miss G., she enjoyed the whipping to such a degree, that she kept the girl, a very pretty one, between her bare thighs, squeezing her a considerable time after I had done with the other. For the first time I emitted the precious elixir of delight, which threw me into a luxurious stupor.

We now sent the girls away. Miss G. tied on the double dildoe and made me lay on the bed. She got between my thighs, devoured me with burning kisses, and by her passionate caresses prolonged the enchanting illusion, till at last we lost ourselves in an abyss of pleasure.


After this, Lerry entered the room with a smiling air. “Oh, oh,” said the governess “you are very merry, Mr. Lerry, what has caused you so much pleasure?” “Oh,” said he, “I have just seen you whip that pretty girl.” “Have you, indeed,” said she, “then I’ll be revenged on your bold impudent backside, depend upon it. Come, sir, strip this instant—take off your trousers, I’m resolved to give you this whipping in a manner that you shall remember taking such liberties.” She was employed making a swinging rod. “Now, sir, off jacket and waistcoat—there now I have you—shall I tie your hands, or will you promise to submit?” “Yes, indeed I will, my dear Madame.” “Well then come here—now lay down,” said she, seating herself on the sofa, quite to the back, and pulling him across her lap—in an instant she pulled up his shirt, and his plump bottom was naked and exposed to her sight. She now began to lecture him for a few minutes, and passing her left arm round his waist, held him tight in that position, and began to exercise the birch as hard as she could; this soon produced its effect, the lad kicked and pranced, and struggled, and at last, turning quite round, exhibited to the delighted view of Madame, his affaire, in that state of irritation, which was the effect of so fine a woman administering the birch to a youth. She, by exertion, replaced him in position and, in the struggle, got him right between her thighs, when her clothes being but thin, both felt the form and warmth of each other—here, she whipt him for at least ten minutes, whilst he struggled and twisted about, until the cause produced an effect. The lady fainted in an agony of delight, and the youth sank on her bosom in gratification....and from that time has been an advocate for the Birch Rod, whenever he can recommend or promote its use, not only on himself, but on all the ladies he can so persuade.

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