Excerpt from Tales of Fun and Flagellation

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Extrait de / Excerpt from : Tales of Fun and Flagellation.

The room into which we entered was a large octagonal room, furnished mainly with low sofas with broad soft arms and backs. It was lighted from the ceiling by a sunlight, and the walls were hung with pictures and mirrors.

“In this room,” Madame said, “and in fact in all the rooms, except the drawing-room, we may not only say what we please but do what we please. In the mean time, let me ring the bell.”

The bell was answered by a pretty maid servant, who was told to call Mlles. Annette and Nina. In a moment they appeared. All the girls were admirably dressed in this house, so it is useless to say more on the subject. They were in evening dress, and Nina, of course, was in a short frock with dark blue stockings.

Madame said to me, “Now, Monsieur, you must not do anything except look on, unless you are told. I manage everything.” Then turning to Nina, she said, “And so, Miss Nina, I see you do like having your bottom whipped after all, and I shall at once gratify you in that respect. Come here.”

Madame seated herself on a couch, and the young lady went and stood beside her, looking half inclined to laugh and half to cry.

“Now, Annette,” said Madame, turn up the front of my dress, for I shall lay this naughty child across my knees and whip her soundly.”

Annette knelt down and raised Madame’s dress in front, folding it back on her lap and showing her under-skirt. This was also removed, and then there was only a short white petticoat, reaching down just below Madame’s knees, and giving me a glimpse of the delicate frill at the end of her drawers.

When this preparation was finished, Madame said, “Now, Nina, turn up your clothes, quick!”

Nina was standing beside the sofa with her right side to me. She did not delay much, probably knowing it was useless, so slipping her hand beneath her dress, she slowly pulled skirt and petticoats and all over her back, leaning forward a little to keep them in their place. She was now, of course, only covered by her drawers behind.

“Now, Annette, her drawers,” said Madame.

Annette went to the girl and turned her round with her back to me, making her stoop further forward. Annette pulled her drawers wide open for an instant, looking at me and laughing as she did so. Then her fingers glided under the dress in front and unfastened them, and the white drawers were pulled well down on Miss’s thighs, leaving exposed the prettiest, plumpest bum I had ever seen.

“Now, Miss, lay yourself over my knees,” was the next order reluctantly obeyed.

When she was in position, Madame pulled her skirts well up above the bottom, and the drawers yet a little lower, and then began to stroke the girl’s thighs, and legs, and bum, as though to smooth them out. Meanwhile she lectured Miss soundly, ending up with : “And now Nina your bare bottom is going to be as well whipped as I can whip it for ten minutes.”

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