Excerpt from An Experimental Lecture on Flagellation

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Extrait de / Excerpt from : An Experimental Lecture on Flagellation.

“Ha! ha! ha!” said the Colonel, with a brutal laugh, “how do you like the look of me for a guardian? Mark my words, Miss Julia Ponsonby, I am a man to be obeyed if I only lift my little finger. Are you prepared to promise the most implicit obedience in every thing I order, even if it is to strip yourself naked?”

Julia, blushing up to the roots of her hair, seems dazed and bewildered, but after a slight hesitation, her tongue gives vent to her indignation.

“No! no! no! sir, I would die first. You can never compel me to do that.”

Colonel fiercely seizes the young lady by her wrist and drags her a few steps, till he sinks into an arm-chair.

“Now, girl,” he hisses in her ear, “you are in my power. Will you kiss me, and promise obedience?”

Shriek after shriek escapes the poor agonized girl as she writhes and struggles to get away from his iron grasp.

Colonel, angrily, with knitted brows, “Ah! I see what sort of a girl I have to deal with, you must have a lesson at once”; throwing her bodily across his knees.

“Oh! Oh! My God! For heaven’s sake, sir, what are you about?” shrieks out Julia, ready to die with shame and indignation, as she feels her petticoats thrown over her head, and knows there is nothing but her drawers to prevent him seeing her naked bottom. His hand falls in three or four tremendous smacks, each one quite suspending the breath of the struggling girl.

“Ah! We can feel a little, can we, Miss Julia? Lucky for you that I have no rod handy, or your delicate skin might get cut up the first night you are under my roof; but my hand can do no harm. I’ll just open your drawers a little behind, and see if a few slaps on your naked flesh will make you more obedient!”

Julia is horrified, disgusted, and ready to die with shame.

The Colonel uncovers her head a little to enjoy the sight of her blushing face, and startling terrified eyes.

“Ha! Ha! Miss Ponsonby, yours is a very pretty bottom; not too fat,—quite a refined exhibition for a modest young lady,” says he. “How do you like that! and that!! and that!! how deliciously your white skin flushes under my smacks. We shall have a most exquisite lecture to-morrow. You are just the modest blushing kind of young lady we want to experiment upon.”

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