A History of the Rod

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Auteur / Author : Rev. Cooper, William M. (B.A.), pseudonym of Bertram, James Glass

Titre / Title : Flagellation & the Flagellants. A History of the Rod in all countries from the earliest period to the present time

Éditeur / Publisher : William Reeves

Lieu d’édition / Place of Publication : London

Année d’édition originale / First Year of Publication : 1870

Année d’édition / Year of Publication : s.d. [ca. 1908]

Période / Period : XIXe siècle / 19th Century, (1850-1899)

Nombre de pages / Number of Pages : 544 + 32 of publisher's advertisements

Illustrateur / Illustrator : Artistes variés. / Various artists.

Illustration : Nombreuses illustrations N&B. / Many B&W illustrations.

Langue / Language : Langue anglaise / English Language

Caractéristiques / Specifications : Maroon cloth cover with bright gilt design to front and part of spine, and blind stamped decorative border.

Notes : First published with the imprint: Roma, London, John Camden Hotten.

The book in our possession, and ex-library copy, has a stamp on the title page indicating "April 11 1910". It would confirm the approximated date of publication given by the Kinsey Institute.

Résumé / Summary : Contents: Introduction; A Learned Controversy to Begin With; A Brief Summary of another Curious Controversy; Flagellation among the Jews; Flagellation among the Romans, &C; Flagellations in Monasteries and Convents; Flagellation among the Carmelites; Flagellation among the Cistercians, Trappists, and Other Orders of Monks and Nuns; Flagellation among the Franciscans and Similar Religious Orders; Discipline among the Carthusians and Other Orders; Flagellation among the Dominicans, And In Connection With the Inquisition; Flagellation among the Jesuits; The Sect of the Flagellants; The Flagellants (Continued); Cornelius Hadrien and the Disciplina Gynopygica; The Celebrated Case of Father Girard and Miss Cadière; Penal Flagellation; The Flagellation of Quakers and Political Persons; Whipping Of Thieves and Garrotters; Penal and Church Flagellation in Scotland; Flagellation in Scotland (Continued); Whipping In Bridewell and Other Prisons; The Reputed Curative and Medicinal Powers of the Rod; Celestial Castigation; Flagellation among Eastern Nations; The Rod in Russia; The Knout; The Sad Story of the Nuns of Minsk; Flagellation in Africa; Flagellation in America; The Flogging of Slaves; Flagellation in France; Flagellation in France (Continued); The Rod in Germany and Holland; Military Flogging; Military Punishments - The Flogging of Somerville of the Scots Greys; Flogging in the Navy; Anecdotes of Domestic Flagellation in Foreign Countries; Anecdotes from the Diary of a Lady of Quality; Discipline in an English Charity School A Hundred Years Ago; School Punishments; Additional Anecdotes of School Punishments; On The Whipping of Young Ladies; Birch According To the "Family Herald"; "Birch in the Boudoir"; Instruments of Whipping, &C.; The Rodiad and Other Poems; The Anthology of the Rod; Eccentric and Miscellaneous Flagellation.

Mots clés : Sadomasochisme
 Keywords : Sadomasochism

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